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The complex world of healthcare requires several marketing specialties working together to achieve exceptional results. Our culture of collaboration helps to ensure the best possible outcome. Our agency leaders regularly work together on behalf of Omnicom’s shared healthcare clients. That’s why it’s easy for Omnicom Health Group to create tailored, multi-agency solutions—across specialties and even geographies—to help clients take advantage of the best we have to offer in a coordinated, efficient way.

By illuminating science, honing language, and forging compelling ideas, we shape how professionals think, feel, and make choices in the crowded healthcare marketplace.

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Omnicom Health Group has built many of the most successful brands in the world of health today, not just with physicians and specialists, but with nurses and pharmacists as well. And with many staff MDs, PharmDs and PhDs, we help clients better understand and connect with professional peers. We bring together promotions, shopper marketing, public relations, CRM, digital, and more, connecting the right specialty resources to help our clients achieve their objectives—one team and one voice, delivering with expertise, precision, and speed.

Our success with collaborative solutions is one reason why healthcare is the fastest growing marketing category in all of Omnicom, and a big part of why Omnicom Health Group has won every formal consolidation held by our healthcare clients since 2008.

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