A portfolio of marketing leaders.

Omnicom Health Group has the greatest breadth of professional agency offerings in the industry. Our agencies help clients of all sizes—from global biopharmaceutical companies to single-compound startups—build world-class brands with their most important customers. Our agencies in Japan include Targis, Rx Healthcare, Polaris Consumer Health, CDM Tokyo, EMC, and MCI—a research and digital solution speciality group. Omnicom Healthcare Group Asia Pacific's 250 dedicated healthcare specialists serve over 60 healthcare clients in Japan.

of the top Rx brands in Japan are managed by our agencies

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MDs, Pharmacists, Veterinary Ds & PhDs

By illuminating science, honing language, and forging compelling ideas, we shape how professionals think, feel, and make choices in the crowded healthcare marketplace.

Omnicom Health Group has built many of the most successful brands in the world of health today, not just with physicians and specialists, but with nurses and pharmacists as well. We have over 250 specialized planners, writers, designers, and analysts—plus mobile, digital, and medical strategists—in 6 offices and agency networks around Japan. Omnicom Health Group Asia Pacific also employs many MDs, Pharmacists, Veterinary Ds and PhDs to help our clients understand and connect with professionals in ways that only peers can.

The art and science of shaping tomorrow.

Omnicom Health Group's Medical, Evidence & Regulatory agencies turn scientific promise into clinical reality. Our skilled medical and marketing experts understand emerging pathways, therapeutic trends, and clinical needs—and translate them into powerful commercial strategies. Using innovative channels and programs, we engage thought-leaders around the world, shaping the future dialogue around medicine, evidence, value, and health.